Texas Fishing Lures 
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Vintage Texas Fishing Lures

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<title>Vintage Texas Bingo Fishing Lures</title>
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My name is Nicholas Otto.  I grew up on the Texas Coast around the Tri-Bay Area and still live here today.  I have fished all up and down the entire Texas Coast my whole life.  I took up the hobby of collecting fishing lures around 18 years ago and really enjoy it.  You just never know what you are going to find when you go out looking for old fishing lures.  You never know where you may run across them. The fun of collecting them is when you find them in the field.  I have built this webite with my lures in mind.  I collect Texas Lures and intend on this site showing my collection and alot of the information I have found over the years.  Use this information as a tool to help you with your collections.  Color charts and ads will help you with time frames and knowing what colors were made at those times.  In the Bingo lures you will find colors that are not on the charts.  These are the most prized lures as long as they are legit.  This is a fun hobby and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
******Lures Wanted******

If you have lures that you would like appraised or would like to sell let me know.  Email me and we will work it out.  I will go through your lures with you and give you a value of them.  I will do this at no cost to you and I will come to you if thats what you would like me to do.  I will get with other collectors and get you top dollar for your lures.  There are lures out there that are worth a few dollars up to thousands of dollars.  If you happen to have any of those thousands of dollars lures I promise there are people that are waiting in line to buy them.  Please email me or contact me if you have some old lures laying around.  Email me at otto_nicholas@yahoo.com.
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